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Nick Tyler Smith is a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, and marketer in St. Louis. He currently works for a venture capital firm specializing in Impact Investing, where he searches for businesses in distressed areas in need of growth capital. He joined To the West and Back as co-host in Season 2.


Thanks for stopping by! I'm Nick Smith. I'm a photographer, marketer, designer, a husband and soon-to-be dad. But above all, I'm a storyteller. I was so excited when Alan asked me to join To the West and Back as a co-host because I always find myself interested in the stories of fellow creatives and their journeys. I can't wait to unpack those stories for you to hear.

When I'm not podcasting, I enjoy hanging out with my wife Kait, our two dogs Navey and Murphy, and our friends. Kait and I are expecting our first child this spring - a baby boy - and we couldn't be more thrilled.

On the weekends you can catch me at one of the many St. Louis microbreweries or restaurants. Don't hesitate to say hey! And if you're looking for a way to my heart, snag me a gift card to Heavy Riff Brewery in Dogtown. It's just a couple blocks from my house and I LOVE it.

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