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Alan Shawgo is a freelance photographer, videographer, and marketer in St. Louis. He loves to travel all around the world and to be around great people.  He started the podcast to tell the stories of those great people.




I remember roaming my family farm as a kid taking photos with my Dad. I always loved it, but I never dreamt it could become my career. Fast forward to college and I fell in love with photography even more. I started taking photos for my college and wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about photography.

Before my senior year, I sent my now-mentor Ryan at Route 3 Films an email asking if I could intern for him. I loved their video work and I had my sights set on making videos too. I convinced him to let me hang out with him and his team for the summer. I had a great adventure and learned so much about the art of filmmaking. It was that summer that he helped me start Shawgo Studios! I still get to work with Ryan today.

During my summer with Route 3 Films, I started getting asked to photograph some of my friends' weddings. I immediately fell in love with photographing people's special days. Love stories became my favorite. I love capturing special moments for people that they can cherish forever with their families. 

When I'm not at a wedding or with the Route 3 team, I love hanging out in nature, going to concerts, or watching some hockey - GO BLUES! 

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