We're debuting season two with three kickass episodes.

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Meet the Hosts

We're Nick Smith and Alan Shawgo. We met in college and instantly recognized what we had in common - we're creatives who value learning new things, hearing people's stories, and cultivating lasting friendships. Oh, and we also love beer. In our first episode, you'll have the chance to get to know us and why we decided to take on this podcast together.


Rachael Marie

A full-time teacher, photographer, and wanderlust-struck millennial, Rachael Marie joins us as our debut guest of season two to talk in depth about how she manifested her confidence and embraced vulnerability to become her truest self.

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Jared Haynes

After a year of emotional reckoning and lessons learned, Jared embarked on a journey of self-discovery in the form of a solo cross-country road trip, financed by DoorDashing along the way. He joins us in episode three to discuss what he learned and how others may benefit from a cathartic journey like the one he went on.

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